Tips on Car Maintenance

Many car owners have failed to embrace the habit of adequately caring for their cars. They forget that it has to be maintained if they want to enjoy it. Car maintenance is keeping a car in good working condition. Irrespective of style, brand, or model, the necessary maintenance principle remains the same. Everyone who drives a car should be familiar with the fundamental steps in car maintenance. Some maintenance can be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how you use the car. These simple maintenance practices prevent sudden breakdowns that might cost a lot.
Here are some tips you must have at your fingertips

This might not sound important, but it is. You need to wash your car regularly. As you use your car, it accumulates dirt, snow, or mud, depending on the season. These foreign elements, if left unattended, can cause long-term damages to the car. Dirt dulls the appearance of a car. The first step is to determine the proper way to wash the car. You can do it yourself, or you can also take it to a carwash.

The tires of the car are essential. They ought to be inspected before using the car. Be it a long journal or just a trip to the grocery store; ensure they are in good condition. Also, it is advisable to have a spare tire in the boot of your car always. Do not overuse the tires. Change them with good quality ones when due. Check the air pressure at least once a month. Be sure to know the correct air pressure and maintain it. A problem with the tire can cause an accident and put lives at risk

The brakes control the vehicle, so they need to be functioning correctly. The moment you notice even the slightest issue with the brake pads, get it fixed. It would be best if you scheduled a routine brake pad inspection. A problem with the brakes can be very devastating.

Several fluids are essential to keep a car running. One vital fluid is engine oil. It keeps the car lubricated, thereby reducing friction in the engine. The engine oil should be changed regularly. Ensure you use suitable oil for your car to avoid complications. Other essential fluids like the Brake oil, coolant, washer fluid, and transmission fluid should not be excluded. Their levels should be checked regularly. They should be replaced when due.

Some car owners wait until a car breaks down before taking it to a mechanic. It is advisable to set up a routine check-up for your car irrespective of its condition. Some check-ups can be done at home if you know what to look out for. When you take a car for a check-up, all the workings are looked at. Any problem is identified and rectified before it becomes something big. Routine check-up saves money than a full-blown repair session.

The importance of keeping the belts and hoses in good shape cannot be overemphasized. They are involved in the running of the car, and a problem may cause a breakdown. No one likes a breakdown ever! The belts and hoses should also be replaced after two or three years. Once you notice signs of wear in the belts, change them immediately.

Paying attention to the little details go a long way to maintain a car. Please keep it clean to maintain its beauty. Disregard for oil check will be the death of the engine. Always remember your appointment with the mechanic. Protect the car battery from corrosion. Inspect the headlight always. Change the wiper as soon as they stop working.

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